CLC Adolescent Behavioral Health Lessons for Educators

This program is built from a three-step structure – Science, Exercise for the Brain, and Extension of Self (SEE) – where students learn life tools to manage impulse control, increased communication skills, healthier habits, improved sleep, self-acceptance and coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety.   




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CLC curriculum meets Colorado State Tier 1 Tertiary Behavioral Health Requirements for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Click on the video below to review a sample course.

Educators can access engaging and inspiring lessons in the following subjects to teach students the Neuroscience of Behavioral Health specifically designed for adolescents. Each lesson includes testing materials. 

Neuroscience Lessons:

Introduction to Brain Science

The Effects of Stress on the Brain and Body

Understanding the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response

How the Autonomic Nervous System Works

Understanding Triggers & Amygdala Hijack

How Trauma Effects the Brain & Body

The Neuroscience of Addictive Behavior

The Brain in Default Mode

The Function of the Vagus Nerve

How Mirror Neurons Work

The Brain and Heart Connection  

Cognitive Behavioral Lessons:

Introduction to Mindfulness

Managing Emotions in Difficult Situations

Awareness of Thoughts and Emotions

Building Resiliency

Reducing Stress with Organization

Technology &Continuous Partial Attention

The Effects of Optimism

Mindful Eating and Addictive Behaviors

The Effects of Gratitude on Brain and Body

Understanding Biases

The Science of Kindness


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