CLC specializes in teaching mindfulness stress reduction to help companies better manage high demands from top management down to daily operations and cognitive exercises to reduce secondary trauma in the workplace.


As cannabis is a relatively new industry, little has been done to create awareness of the effects of secondary trauma for individuals that work in the profession. Many individuals working in the industry have a history of chronic, mental and/or terminal illness for themselves or a loved one. Research shows this can make them more susceptible to distress when working with clients such as cancer patients, veterans, children with neurological disease, and the list goes on and on.  


The Cannabis Industry has an incredibly high turn over rate, which is costing dispensaries and other businesses a disproportionate amount of money to hire and train new workers. in 2016, Colorado Cannabis companies retained only 38% of employees* and in 2018 60% of employees did not last two months on the job. While there are many reasons why this is happening, CLC's Mindfulness based Resiliency Training program provides strong, research backed methods for increasing employee happiness and well being and thus improving job satisfaction for employees and for management. 

CLC is dedicated to creating more awareness around stress exposure related to the cannabis industry and what to do about it. They offer a variety of training for professionals from top management to medical specialists and employees at all levels. CLC courses can be found online or can be tailored to fit the individual need of a client.


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