Research shows:

Fourteen of these teens will experience trauma in their lifetime. Two of them will develop PTSD. Two will suffer from chronic stress. Two will attempt suicide. Over half will develop a stress related disease and a third of them will die from that disease.

We teach about the brain and how to be
attuned to the senses which help you to
understand why you behave the way
you do.

We teach different ways to extend and
connect to others which increases DHA,
dopamine, serotonin, and virility as well as
happiness and wellness.

We teach cognitive exercises to engage
parts of the brain that control focus,
emotional regulation and increase health
and wellness.

Our programs operate on a “buy one give one” model.

For every program that is purchased, CLC will provide a program to an underprivileged

high trauma community.

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Cognitive exercises engage the parasympathetic (calming) nervous system
which creates more focus and emotional control.

Training the brain with mindfulness based practices creates stronger
connections to thinking, compassion, memory and emotional regulation.

Engaging in daily cognitive exercises and committing to living more mindfully, increases our serotonin and dopamine (happiness), decreases our cortisol (less
stress) and promotes overall health and wellness.

It is really quite simple. When the body is less stressed, it does what is was designed to do – take care of itself!

CLC programs operate on a "buy one give one" model.

For every CLC program purchased, a percentage of the proceeds will go to helping a high-trauma community.

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