Helping parents and caregivers cultivate happier, healthier families

Stress Management for Parents and Caregivers

 CLC is here to help! 

Any parent or caregiver will tell you that parenting isn't easy under normal circumstances. However, the dynamics of parenting have become particularly challenging with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Parents will learn tools, skills, and information to be more resilient and self-forgiving with less stress to cultivate happier, healthier families.


Short lessons and exercises you can watch from anywhere, at your convenience, to fit any busy schedule. 

Course Price


​If your school, district or community has purchased a membership to this program,

This course includes the following lessons:

Intro to Stress Management, Stress & the Body, Intro to Cognitive Learning, Fight/Flight/Freeze Response & Autonomic Nervous System, Intro to Neuroscience -- Part 1, Intro to Neuroscience –- Part 2, Understanding Amygdala Hijack, Mirrored Neurons & Compassion, Top-down/Bottom-up Processing, Default Brain Mode, How Trauma Affects the Brain & Body, Addictive Behaviors, and the Science of Optimism, Gratitude & Kindness

Pre & post evaluations are included with every CLC training. When possible, quantitative measures will be taken for data analysis contributing to ongoing research in the field of neuroscience.