Mindfulness Online Materials for Educators PreK-2nd Grade

Educational materials that teach children to cultivate an attentive mind and kind heart.

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A beautifully illustrated fantastical journey, where children learn empathy, compassion, emotional and self regulation, as well as skills that develop attention and concentration.

Teachers do not need to be trained in this curriculum. With 3 simple steps we make it easy for you to deliver this SEL material, taught by a certified mindfulness instructor, and peer reviewed by our youth board. 

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Providing educators 15 complete pre-recorded lessons and educational materials that teach children healthy coping skills and to cultivate an attentive mind and kind heart.

Available in English and Spanish.

Children learn lifelong skills for better stress management  and social relations. 



Amira Valle is a world leading researcher of mindfulness in education and Global Leaders in Education and Learning (GFEL) 2020-2021 awardee of "The Top 100 Leaders in Education".

This program has been applied since 2011, with much success, in schools and community centers in the United States and in Mexico. The program was created from the children’s book, “The Elephant's Gift” by, Amira Valle, researcher, author, and founder of Elephant Wise.

Research studies in this program showed: 

* This program meets the standards for Tier 1 Tertiary Behavioral Health Requirements for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) 

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Mindfulness and Emotional Education for Children PreK-2nd

Positive impact on social-emotional skills:

  • self-knowledge

  • self-regulation 

  • empathy

Increase in self-knowledge:

  • Students were able to name and identify their emotions, as well as the bodily sensations

  • Decrease in resorting to physical violence to resolve conflict situations

  • They learned to identify anger through the bodily sensations that accompany it

  • They were able to identify emotional triggers 

  • They applied the techniques learned during the intervention to resolve these types of situations 

Published research scheduled for release in Fall 2021

* This program meets the standards for Tier 1 Tertiary Behavioral Health Requirements for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) 

Each lesson includes complete pre-recorded videos that are easy for teachers, parents, and students to simply click on to access the lessons. 


Each lesson includes a cognitive practice where children learn life-long skills to help with stress reduction, concentration, and emotional regulation.


This program includes a workbook for students to participate in engaging hands-on activities and practices that relate to each video lesson.


Pre & post evaluations are included with every CLC training. When possible, measures will be taken for data analysis contributing to ongoing research in the field of neuroscience.