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Adolescent Behavioral Health Online Materials for Educators Grades 8-12

Available in
English & Spanish

Now, more than ever, teens need trauma-informed education.

Helping educators teach adolescents to understand and manage thoughts, emotions, and behaviors

* Each lesson includes testing materials and meets the standards for Tier 1 Tertiary Behavioral Health Requirements for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) 


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Short online lessons taught by a certified mindfulness instructor


Students learn the science behind behavioral health 


Students learn attentional focus, emotional regulation, and stress reduction

Teen studying behavioral health, suicide prevention, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Teen lerning the neuroscience of behavioral health
Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)Mindfulness practice teen taking a breath
Student dyad behavioral health, suicide prevention, Social Emotional Learning (SEL)


Breakout group discussions for students to explore lessons exercises

Student taking online test trauma-informed Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)


Students have easy access to online evaluations and testing

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Educators do not need to be trained in this curriculum to access inspiring videos and materials to teach students healthy life skills and the science behind behavioral health.


Our evidence-based, peer-reviewed cognitive exercises provide practical practices for teens to better cope with stress, anxiety and address trauma with more controlled responses and lifelong benefits to physical and psychological health.

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Educational materials that support any SEL curriculum already in place.

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Pre & post evaluations are included with every CLC training. When possible, measures will be taken for data analysis contributing to ongoing research in the field of neuroscience.