Behavioral Health Training for Adolescents

Helping adolescents understand and manage thoughts, emotions and behaviors

Available for Fall 2020

 Adolescent Behavioral Health Online Lessons for Educators 

Educators can access engaging short videos and learning materials to teach students the Neuroscience of Behavioral Health specifically designed for adolescents. 

CLC's Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum meets the standards for the Colorado State Tier 1 Tertiary Behavioral Health Requirements.

Budget Cuts? No Worries.

This program is affordably priced for individuals, schools, and districts.

Our team is here to help you figure out the funding.

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Students learn will learn healthy life skills and coping mechanisms to build resilience and better impulse control to manage stress and anxiety. 

Pre & post evaluations are included with every CLC training. When possible, measures will be taken for data analysis contributing to ongoing research in the field of neuroscience.

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CLC programs operate on a "buy one give one" model.

For every CLC program purchased, a percentage of the proceeds will go to helping a high-trauma community.

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