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Alyssa's Story


One of my best friends died from suicide and I didn't understand anything about it. I thought it was all my fault. We're humans, and we need to understand the reason we're feeling the way we do. We all have our issues. We just need to talk about it and know different skills and ways that can help.


Hezekiah's Story

I had a panic attack at school, and I didn't know what was happening. I started freaking out for no reason. It was really scary at the time. Now, I've learned what's going on in my body and what I can do to help myself in those moments.


Adrina's Story

Most people have heard of fight or flight, but people fail to mention the freeze response. Like when you are taking a test you studied for and all of the sudden you can't remember anything. You're being amygdala-hijacked. When you understand this and ground yourself with meditation then it will help your brain to remember the answer. 


Ranjani's Story

I used to suffer a lot from stress and anxiety. It got to the point that I would get stress migraines. Now, I do mindfulness exercises every day, and it's really taught me to be in the moment and realize that schoolwork isn't everything. 

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