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 “After two years of seeing mindfulness brought into our 911 First Responder unit, I still witness residual effects of how the practice continues to impact our employees' personal and professional lives in positive ways. In particular, how it addresses issues that secondary trauma creates in people that are there to help us on our worst days.” – 911 First Responder 

I definitely use the information I learned in this training about Trauma-Informed Responses, mindful communication, and recognizing triggers in my personal and professional life”. 

– Hospital Nurse Practitioner

The practices taught in this program literally saved my life! Who would have thought a simple breathing exercise could help to redirect my suicidal tendency and help me to stay focused to get off drugs, and eventually, the streets? Today I am drug-free, have a steady job and I am buying my first home. Best of all, I am able to better manage my depression and anxiety with simple practices. Thank you!

– Former Homeless Drug-addict

The exercises in this training are short and very doable throughout the day and are extremely effective!

– Social Worker

"When I was going through the toughest part of my life, the support I received from this training made a world of difference. I was familiar with mindfulness before my anxiety and bipolar became too much to handle, but I didn't have any way to practice and I honestly didn't think it could help me in the state I was in. The instructor shared her own story with me and how mindfulness changed her life. She gave me a few simple exercises to start with that helped me calm the storm in my mind and better manage each challenge life and my mental illness threw my way. I no longer take medication because I have become aware of my triggers and how to mitigate them. Stress is inevitable, but this training helped me understand the power of mindfulness and how it can be an important part of a permanent solution for the persistent symptoms of bipolar I deal with every day." 

- Bipolar Survivalist

This training helped me to understand mindfulness can be applied in other ways than just meditation and not ridged practice.” – Attorney

Pre & post evaluations are included with every CLC program. When possible, quantitative measures will be taken for data analysis contributing to ongoing research in the field of neuroscience.